The Britain and Ireland chapter of the International Society of Public Law provides a forum for public law scholarship of relevance to this region.



ICON-S is founded on a recognition that a full explication and understanding of today’s “constitutional” cannot take place in isolation from other branches of public law or in a context that is exclusively national. The same is true for these other branches too. Public law, as a field of knowledge that transcends these dichotomies, thus deserves our renewed intellectual attention. In the same vein, the divide between law and political science has become porous too. Some of the finest insights on public law come from social scientists deeply cognizant of law; also, is there any legal scholarship that does not make at least some use of the theoretical and empirical understandings and methodologies external to the legal discipline, stricto sensu? In this spirit, ICON-S seeks to bring together all those with interests in public law to explore the many challenges and questions that face us today.  


Britain and Ireland Chapter


The Britain and Ireland Chapter is being set up in 2017 to bring together scholars with an interest in this region in the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration that animates ICON-S. The Chapter will be launched with a conference at Trinity College Dublin in September 2017, which will serve as a forum for discussion of various public law issues and as a means to formally establish this new Chapter.

Learn more about our upcoming conference here:

Attendance at the conference is free, but registration is required. Please email to register. Find the full programme here.