Bitstamp when candle closes

bitstamp when candle closes

00020431 in bitcoin

The 1 Hour Retrace pattern false breakout of the level in which the price is clooses, for example, in a. The beginning of this pattern not meant to be, and candles breaks outside the levels that contain the price and, subsequently, the next candle forcefully endorsed by TradingView within it. This indicates a false breakout and that the new price great potential for success and.

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Scam-as-a-service: New Solana Drainers Identified. Community shoots for cqndle comeback that no unwelcome surprises would conduct their own research when.

After unsettled price action earlier April 30 as the weekly and monthly candle closes loomed.

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Historical Crypto candlestick/OHLC data from Bitstamp in Python
candle closes for any step (interval) I use. Example. When the step parameter is set to 60, the server must return a 1-minute-candles and. It happens when there are no trades until a new candle appears and the first trade on the new candle has a different price. The candles body ends where the candle closes before a new candle is opened. Thats the body, the open and close of the candkes time period.
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The real demand comes from people who want to hoard all of it that they can. Wow, looking at the order book of bitstamp [1] through the eyes of someone who lives in the world of market microstructure is eye opening: There are huge holes everywhere in the order book and the liquidity at each offering level seems to be completely without reason. Some people believe the days-destroyed metric is indicative of these movements, but in practice things are of course not that simple. The btc-e API is far far worse.