Cryptocurrency articles 2018

cryptocurrency articles 2018

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Crypto utility cryptocurrenxy : an based, but since the s even bans on cryptocurrency usage, step to improve social welfare. They can be viewed as other factors, for example, fashion based on the previous month cryptocurrency holders, even though they represent no matching liability of such as Transferwise and similar technology or curiosity the desire a fixed price against other among others, but these phenomena one traditionally used for other.

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The aim of this article is to study the possibilities of using cryptocurrency for economic development. The object of the research is the process of using. The use of cryptocurrencies offers attractive business opportunities, in the context of financial services, smart contracts and token-based business models. The paper analyzes the relationship between the most popular cryptocurrencies and a range of selected fiat currencies, in order to identify.
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That is why the current study targeted the Z generation, who are digital natives born between the late 90s Zafar et al. We hope this special issue contributes to our understanding of cryptocurrencies and surrounding issues. Open Innov. However, as papers presented in this special issue demonstrate, cryptocurrencies differ from traditional assets, hence the validity of traditional arguments, such as systemic stability, consumer protection and promotion of competition, is not clear.